I have been told that my love of teaching Kindergarten is contagious!  Sharing ideas, discussing teaching strategies, retelling precious stories about the antics of 5 year olds, and offering inspiration to other teachers ... all of these bring me great joy.

I have been presenting to kindergarten teachers across the United States for over two decades.  My Early Literacy Seminars offer a plethora of materials and ideas that facilitate literacy acquisition in young children. 

My philosophy is centered on creating a balance for children in the early childhood classroom. The standards that many early childhood teachers are mandated to teach, are not the adversary, BUT the methods in which the standards are taught is suspect!

All young children deserve to be taught in an environment that engages their minds, their bodies, and their emotions. Young children need to EXPLORE, PONDER, PREDICT, COMMUNICATE, and SOCIALIZE, within a community of learners. 

My PASSION and my QUEST is to help all teachers create classrooms where LITERACY LEARNING is ENGAGING and EXCITING.

Young children should LEARN to LOVE reading and writing. Through my seminars, I hope to achieve this goal, one teacher at a time. 

SDE ... Off to a Good Start
December 1-2, 2016  in  La Mirada, CA 


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Will you be offering another seminar any time soon or next year?

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