Monday, May 2, 2016

Earth Day

EARTH DAY has come and gone, but I wanted to share this FREEBIE with you for next year! You can think of me as being a few days LATE or you can consider me a year EARLY!

Todd Parr’s, The Earth Book, is a non-fiction, and easy text, that elicits lots of questions and thinking with young children. It is printed in paperback and hard cover. If you don’t own this book, it is a good one to have in your collection. 

After reading and discussing the importance of Earth Day, we brainstorm a list of ways that we can make a difference. In addition, I place the following text in my pocket chart.
Earth is home for me and you.
There are mountains, lakes, and rivers too.
The planet needs us all to care.
Let’s keep earth safe for all to share. 

As an easy classroom activity that can be sent home that day, I created the mini book, “Planet Earth.” You can download it for FREE at my TPT store. After our discussion, every child “FOLDS” the Earth Day Book, colors it, reads it to three friends, and takes it home to share with family. I’ve included a color version of the Little Book as well as the black & white version. I’ve also included the FOLDING DIRECTIONS. The folding may seem tricky at first, but my kindergarten kids have been learning it for years. However, if you want a no hassle activity, you may want to fold the books the night before. I hope you enjoy this activity! Will you let me know?


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