Monday, February 1, 2016

February Homework

Does anyone struggle with finding homework that contains reading opportunities for young students, encourages the parent and child to work together, and provides a glimpse of our monthly study topics? 

I’ve always wanted to send home assignments that encourage communication between the family and the child. My desire is to REQUIRE (in a non-threatening way) that the parent actually work with his/her child!  Is this too much to ask?
To achieve this endeavor, I created my first monthly homework packet in September of this year and and the result was overwhelmingly positive!  Since then, I’ve designed a new packet for every month based on new suggestions and ideas from parents and teachers.

February’s HOMEWORK packet is my favorite of them all!  My students read & copy words and sentences, as well as sequence and write numbers. At the top of each paper is a place for a parent’s signature and a box to write the number of times the child reads the words and sentences. The pictures are fairly large and “simple,” making them easy and fun to color.
The content/format of each paper varies to provide NOVELTY and encourage THINKING!  February is filled with the Presidents, Groundhogs, and Valentine’s Day. To give you a glimpse of the format, I'd like to share these 7 sample pages with you. You can download them free at my Kindergarten with Susie store.

It is my hope that you, your students, and their parents enjoy these sample pages.  Creating materials for young children is my life-long passion and I hope to make a difference for you and your kids. Please share your thoughts with me.


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