Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pumpkin and Scarecrow Brace Maps

In my last post, I mentioned that I LOVE brace maps and showed an example of my APPLE BRACE MAP. I hope you had a chance to make one with your kids! This month, it’s easy to guess that we will be making a PUMPKIN BRACE MAP and in November we will be making a (drum roll, please) a variation of a SCARECROW BRACE MAP! 



This illustration of a Scarecrow is not an actual Brace Map in appearance because it doesn't show the PARTS as well as the WHOLE. 

BUT... here's why it works: The children spread the parts out on the rug, label them, and then ... glue the parts into the whole! The children proudly carry their scarecrows home to show off to mom and dad!

Keep in mind, that a brace map illustrates visually to our young learners the concept of part to whole and whole to part. This concept is important for all future learning and fun to teach too! If you’ve never tried making BRACE MAPS with your kids, fall is the perfect time to begin.

Later on in the year, I'll share with you a Snowman Brace Map and a Flower Brace Map too! Kids will start thinking of their own brace maps before the end of the year!

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