Tuesday, September 29, 2015

October Homework for Early Readers

 At the beginning of every month, I struggle to find homework that seems appropriate for all my kids.  I want it to be meaningful as well as review the class lessons. I’ve found a variety of homework papers that focus on phonic skills or letter recognition, but I want my students to actually practice READING at home. Plus, I’d like a little printing, coloring, and number practice to be included as well.

It is because of this quest, that I’m excited to share my NEW OCTOBER HOMEWORK PACKET with you! My students read/print words and sentences, as well as sequence and write numbers. At the top of each paper is a place for a parent’s signature and a box to write the number of times the child reads the words and sentences. The pictures are fairly large and “simple,” making them easy and fun to color. So many worksheets have teeny tiny pictures that young children rarely enjoy coloring!

I’m also searching for variety. I want the homework to vary in some way, yet still contain the same skills. I’ve included pages about fall, pumpkins, bats, owls, Christopher Columbus, and Halloween. There are 20 pages of READY to SEND HOME homework!
These pages are also perfect for “morning work” if you prefer. Your students complete the pages in class, read them to a reading buddy, and take them home to READ to mom or dad. Mom and dad send them back with a signature and the number of times read. Either way, children are reading!

I’m hoping that these printables will boost your students reading abilities and make YOUR teaching life a little easier.  I’d like to give away 3 packets of my October Homework to the first 3 teachers that leave me a comment and their email address. I’d love to know what you think!

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