Sunday, January 18, 2015

The 100th Day of School Celebration

The Big Day is finally here and it’s time to CELEBRATE! 

Over the past 3 decades, I’ve created, modified, and recreated my 100th Day of School activities. As I grew older.. I meant to say .. wiser, my 100th Day of School Celebration evolved into a well organized and exciting time for my fabulous kids! 

There is one caveat however! I ask six parent helpers to help with the celebration, or if I don’t have enough parents than I ask 6th grade students to help with the day. (They love to help!) 

You can see the 6 tables in the picture.
I create 6 teams of 5 students each, as I have 30 students. 
There are 6 activities created for the day:
   1. 100TH DAY COLLECTIONS     2. 100TH DAY MUNCH     
    3. 100TH DAY NECKLACE     4. 100TH DAY TALLY MARK RACE                5.100TH DAY SELF PORTRAIT       6. 100TH DAY HATS 

The children always stay at the same table with the same parent helper. Important note: The teacher (me) does not have a team. I am always FREE to take pictures or help with any issues. I love it!  

Each TEAM completes activity one, then waits until I give the signal to begin activity two.  By not having rotations, I can control the allotted time for each activity by observing the teams. If an activity is taking too long, I tell the parent helper to speed up the team, or if the activity is going too fast, I help the parent helper to slow down the team. When all the students have finished an activity, we take a 2 minute break and sing and dance, “The 100th Day of School” song, and then begin the next activity.

I also give points to the teams throughout the day for ANYTHING! I just want them to feel like a team and earning points is always a good motivator! I make tally marks on the board so everyone can see the points.

I also lay colored butcher paper on each table according to the team’s color. If a child should complete a task early, she/he may draw a picture on the butcher paper.

There are lots of wonderful 100th Day of School books to choose from, but my all time favorite is: Mr. Wolf’s Pancakes, by Jan Fearnley. 

I’m sure my activities and stories are similar to the same ones that you implement in your classroom. If you are interested in viewing more of the activities in my 100th Day of School Celebration Unit, you may go to my TPT store: Kindergarten with Susie.The 100th Day of School is one of my favorite units and one that my kids remember fondly too!

I would like to give away 2 of my 100th Day of School products! But … I am so new to social media that I’m not even sure I’m doing this correctly! If you will leave me a comment and your email, I will pick 2 winners on Tuesday evening. For all of you wonderful social media wizards and incredible teachers, my warmest thanks for your efforts to support me! You can’t imagine how much I appreciate your kind words and knowledge.


  1. Love love love this! Thanks so much for sharing! Kathleen (

    1. Our 100th day is fast approaching as well. I love how you've organized your activities for the day.

      Thanks for your inspiration.

      Jo (

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  3. I love all of your products! I get so excited when you post something new on your blog! You always have such cuteness in all of your items! I attended all of your workshops this past summer in Vegas. My team and I enjoyed them all. I was the one who set up front and you kept apologizing for opening each workshop with the same line. Love, love loved all of them! We have used many of your ideas this year! Thanks for being such an inspirational mentor! Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi Jo, Kathleen, and Christi!
    Your comments meant the world to me! Thank you for your kind words. I sent the 100 Day of school zip file to all of you! If you did not receive it please let me know and I'll try again! Warmly, Susie