Saturday, January 31, 2015

For the LOVE of February

As teachers of young children have you ever wondered why February has so many special days considering it is the shortest month of the year!  I’m not complaining, but there’s even two holidays in the month of love! All together February 2015 will have only eighteen school days but at least four “special” days: Groundhog’s Day, 100th Day of School ( for some ) Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays, and Valentine’s Day! Whew! No wonder it’s my favorite month! 

Each month, my kindergarten kids make a “cute” calendar to display at home. Last month the calendar was a mug of hot chocolate with real marshmallows. This month it’s a Teddy Bear holding a huge heart. With each calendar, I send a note to the parents asking them to help with basic standards, such as reciting the days in a week, months in the year, and recognizing numbers to 30, 40, and beyond. These are important skills to practice, but what I enjoy more is the feedback that I receive from the parents:

“My child loves bringing home the calendar each month! We have a special place that we hang it and cross off the date each day. When the end of the month gets closer, we start predicting what next month’s calendar will be! “

Another parent mentioned that she saves the calendars from year to year and uses them for decorations. If I’ve taught siblings in the family, then there are two calendars side by side!

Here’s a peek at February’s Teddy Bear:

 February Calendar for Kindergarten

A few months ago, I started making the calendar markers for the month too. It’s fun to have it all prepared before February arrives!

I hope your February will be filled with LOVE and many BLESSINGS!


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