Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ABC Find Your Match FREEBIE

This activity is the newest game to accompany my ABC program. The SAME pictures are utilized in All my ABC products, and this newest product continues the tradition. Many teachers provide a variety of ABC pictures to teach the sounds to their children during the first months of school. I believe that by providing my students with only ONE picture per letter in the first few weeks of school, it accelerates the learning of letters/sounds. In a few weeks, after concepts have been grasped, multiple pictures are introduced.

My kids love to play this game because they are familiar with the pictures and of course they walk around to find their match! I have lots of different versions of “Find Your Match”, but this one is their favorite! 

It’s perfect to play during the first month of school as you introduce and reinforce recognition of letters and sounds both with capital and lowercase letters.

After you pass out the cards, each child walks to a “private place” to peek at his/her card, then QUICKLY and QUIETLY bustles around the room to find his match. When the match is found, the team “ZOOMS” to the pocket chart to grab a number. These are included too! The students line up in number order in front of the room and wait until all the matches have been found. When all teams have taken a number from the pocket chart the game is over!

Your kids will ask to play this over and over again!

There are cards for all 26 uppercase and lowercase letters as well as the ABC matching pictures from my ABC program. If you only have 20 kids, choose 10 letter cards and 10 pictures to play the game. Rotate the cards each time you play.

This is a perfect game that provides a break from sitting on bottoms for too long! I believe young children learn BEST when engaged in an activity. I try to keep paper work at a minimum for the first few months of school.  I want to hear laughter, conversations, and new vocabulary echo off the walls of our classroom! 

ABC Find Your Match gets kids moving and laughing and I would like to share it with your little ones too. It will be FREE FOR THE NEXT 2 DAYS: September 7 and 8. Please go to my Kindergarten with Susie store on TPT and download it for free.

Your feedback and comments would be so appreciated! Creating materials for young children is my life-long passion and I hope to make a difference for you and your kids. Please share your thoughts with me.

Warmly, Susie