Friday, October 9, 2015

Christopher Columbus

In 1492, three ships did sail the sea so blue.
The mightly ships set sail in Spain. 
They sailed through sunshine, wind, and rain!

As a teacher, I love Columbus Day but NOT because Columbus sailed the ocean blue! No, for a far better reason, we have Monday off! Yay!
I’ve been working on a Christopher Columbus Craft and Little Book with informational text for the last few weeks and …. I finally finished it late last night! I know it may be too late to use this year, but I am still excited to share it! 

The Little Book contains a limited amount of informational text intentionally!  I believe that if we try to “stuff” too much information into our little one’s brains, nothing actually sticks! So, I’ve included the basic achievements of Christopher Columbus and his importance in history. There is a B&W version too.
My favorite part of this unit is the Craft! I’ve been making this craft for over 30 years, but I’ve remade it to include additional elements this year! 

Children “sail” their ships East to West, beginning in Spain, across the Atlantic Ocean to an island in the Bahamas. As they move their ships they count to 71 to mimic the number of days needed for Columbus to reach the West. My kids have always loved making this project!

This is the perfect unit for TK or kindergarten, and I added a few more pages with writing prompts for use in first grade too! You can check it out at at   Most importantly, have a FABULOUS Christopher Columbus day OFF!

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